What Does Healthy Lifestyle Give You

Playing sports can benefit you physically and mentally. For physical benefit you can control your weight by burning the calories, improve the function of your cardiovascular system and shape your body. But how does it benefit you mentally? When you excises it increases an athlete's energy level that can improve the quality of sleep, in another way placing a lower strain on the heart.

Basketball Club

Basketball Club provide you with training from Beginner lever all the way to Intermediate level. From kids to adults are welcome to join the club and be in one family. We will have training Two time a week on the Monday and Wednesday. There will be a Friday casual game that will be conducted to bound you and your team. It's optional but you are encourage to come, outsider are welcome too.

Skating Club

Inlink-Skating Club teach you from a normal skater to the next level. After you know how to skate normally, we then will let you choose which path you want to master next, either the Salom skating or Power Slide. Of course you can learn both, but we encourage you to master one of it first. Salom skating is those fanciful moves within the corn. Where Power Slide is the emergency stopping moves you can do, which involve great balance and its dangerous. The train timing is Tuesday and Thursday, also a Friday urban skating session on the street,park.

Swimming Club

Swimming Club provides you swimming lesson which can train your full body in just one sports. Its simple and sweatless, also swimming is an important life skill which everyone should know to protect themself incase of any emergency happens. Training for swimming is not harsh at all. Members just need to learn the skill from the coach and can practise at their own pace. Timing will be Wednesday afternoon. The entrance free is included if you are a member.

Cycling Club

Cycling Club is a platfom for people who interested in cycling with other people who have the same hobby. It's totally free to join. Cycling session will be organize for everyone to join when free. Just head to meeting point with your own bicycle and enjoy yourself while socialising with others. For those who want to learn how to cycle can join our class every Friday at West Coast to practise.

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